How We Started

The decision to form this club was made in August of 2012.  The club started with a small group of dads that had children attending Sandpiper elementary school.  The original intent of the club was to form a men’s social group where we could hang out with each other, plan fun & educational events with our kids and look for ways to contribute to our local community.  We were originally named Sandpiper Dad's Club (after our school). 

Shortly after forming the club we were faced with our first challenge.  Due to budget issues, the elementary school that many of our children attended was being considered for closure.  We united to understand the problems our district was facing.  Based on the information the district provided and independent research we conducted, the club drafted a formal positioning statement on what schools would be best to leave open.  Fortunately, Sandpiper was removed from being considered for closure.  It was during this process the club received a lot of exposure within the district.  We were encouraged by the Paradise Valley Unified School District Governing Board to expand into other schools.  After the club gave it more thought we believed that the benefits of our efforts could be shared across the district and agreed make some changes.  However at this time we were actively engaged in renovating the Sandpiper School Garden, running a food drive for the Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank, managing a few poker nights for the dads and running an educational event on sustainability for the kids. 

We finally did manage to agree in early 2013 to formalize our efforts and changed our name to the Arizona Dads Club.  Shortly thereafter we drafted bylaws, filed to incorporate & applied for our non-profit status with the IRS.  

On June 10th, 2013 we successfully incorporated with the State of Arizona & received our official non-profit approval from the IRS in March of 2014.  While the existence of the Organization has been short the progress and impact has & continues to be great.